Imagine this: It’s date night, and you’ve both decided to have a relaxing night together. You’re sitting in front of the TV, ready to watch a show and relax, but you’re stuck scrolling. You have taste in one thing, and your partner has taste in another. It’s okay; I’m here to help! Here are a few TV recommendations for the perfect show to watch on a “Netflix and chill” type of night.

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch Together

The Circle is a charming show to watch for date night. This show is super

Am I Getting Cold Feet for Graduation? | Her Campus GSU

Time is ticking away as my graduation draws closer and closer. Family is excited, constantly reminding me of the ticking, texting, and calling, asking me if I have any jobs lined up, classmates are happy wishing they were in my shoes preparing for another milestone, but as for me, I’m numb. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be moving along in my life, I’m just suffering from cold feet. It’s an exciting time, but the same question pops up every time-” What’s Next?”

I want to move, but I’m unsure

Podcasts That Helped Me Through My College Years | Her Campus

Podcasting has become extremely popular lately and I love it. I personally listen to a wide range of podcasts, from crime to fashion. My favorite type of podcasts are the ones geared towards women like me in their twenties. I find that they uplift me and teach me a lot about being a woman in this generation. They also keep me entertained for those long far walks on campus.

Here are my top podcast recommendations for young, college women.

Crying in public is a podcast hosted by Sydni Wynter and

Influencer Apologies All Sound The Same For A Reason | Her Campus

Is it just me, or have influencer apologies on YouTube been on the rise as of late? Influencers like James Charles and Jeffree Star keep coming out and apologizing for their past wrongful actions or affiliations. Saturday Night Live even made a sketch mocking these videos because they’ve become so common. Now, I understand that people make mistakes – and that it’s important to take accountability for those mistakes. But if these influencers are actually being incere, then why do all influencer a

Eating and Nutrition 101 | Her Campus GSU

*DISCLAIMER*: Her Campus GSU is not a licensed nutritionist.

Since birth, body image has been something slapped in our faces 24/7. It's continuously pushed in television, movies, social media, ads, etc. We are repeatedly told that being "Thin is in" or "Having muscles are attractive," but what about the girls who don't fit a size 2 or what about the guys who are on the slimmer side who don't have muscles? This type of thinking can be detrimental to both women's and men's self-esteem.

What is a

Here’s How I’m Dealing With Graduation Anxiety | Her Campus GSU

Being uncertain of your future is probably one of the scariest things young adults have to deal with. From job searches to grad school requirements, there seem to be a million things running through my mind constantly. My graduation date is December 2021. I should be excited, right? Wrong. Well, I kinda am, but I'm kinda not at the same time. I'm enthusiastic about the thought of moving on with my life but not completely excited to enter full adulthood. Here are three ways I'm dealing with gradu

Changes I've Made Since Turning 21 | Her Campus GSU

I’ve changed more in the months leading up to my birthday than I probably have in my whole life so far. The biggest areas in my life that have changed the most would be my habits, my health and my money. Here are the ways these new changes have been affecting me so far.

I noticed leading up to my 21st birthday that I didn't like to do the same things anymore. I used to be on social media for hours, but now that’s changed for the better. I also used to be so self-critical, but now I encourage an

Recognizing the Imposter | Her Campus GSU

Being a business major can be amazing but very daunting at the same time. When I started college as a freshman, I didn’t have an issue with imposter syndrome. Pretty much everyone was starting at the same level, so there wasn’t a reason to be intimidated. As semesters went by and my classification went up, I began to feel the imposter syndrome grow more and more.

As I entered into my junior year, I began to see my classmates and other young adults my age making big moves. Some were becoming soc

Netflix Binge: My Recent Favorites | Her Campus

I’ve been all over the place when it comes to the shows I’ve been watching on Netflix. One day I feel like watching a reality show. The next day, I feel like a documentary. Then out of the blue, I’ll feel like a cartoon. Here are my latest binges on Netflix I’ve been enjoying.

I didn’t know what to expect when I watched (Un)well, but it was fascinating. This show discusses a lot of the hyped-up wellness trends such as bee therapy and essential oils. It shows you how everything isn’t what it see

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