It’s Almost October and I’m Still Not Over NYFW | Her Campus GSU

New York Fashion Week 2021 was one for the books. From a star-studded front row to everyone one dressing their best street style, it feels just like old times. Designers Christian Siriano and Michael Kors were some of the top shows to walk during NYFW and absolutely set the bar when it comes to next year’s fashion week. Let’s get into some of my favorite collections.

The top collection that still has my heart is Michael Kors. From the location to the theme, everything was just amazing. Michael

The Met Gala Has Returned, But I Guess Everyone Didn’t Get The Memo | Her Campus GSU

The iconic long stairs. Paparazzi are cascading down one side while the interviewers stand on the other side. The fans are waiting anxiously outside for the celebrities’ debut. Yes, I am talking about The Met Gala. The party that brings the top celebrities in music, fashion, and film together for one night of over-the-top outfits and the exaggerated beauty to match. This is the time that all fashion lovers wait for, including me. Here are the top outfits that I loved and the top ones that didn’t

Fashion and Beauty Careers You’ve Probably Never Heard of | College Fashionista

When it comes to the fashion and beauty industries, you always hear about the same jobs: Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, etc. Not saying these jobs aren’t great jobs, it’s just the fashion and beauty industries are made up of so many other amazing jobs that allow you to still pursue your specific interests and, chances are, you’ve probably never even heard of! Here is a list of some of those not-so-common jobs you probably never heard of within fashion and beauty.

How I Learned To Feel Confident Shopping For Clothes As A Plus-Size Woman | Her Campus

The clothing store: A place where you can hear the constant scratching and screeching of the hangers on the racks, as customers try to figure out what works best for their bodies. “This is too big,” “This is too small,” “I hate how it gaps right here.” This used to be the place where I would pick myself apart, piece by piece. As a plus-size girl, it can be especially difficult to find clothes that fit your body shape.

Shopping for plus-size clothing has always been the bane of my existence. I c

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